Video: Prescribed Burn at Armand Bayou Nature Center

January 28th was a wonderful day! Armand Bayou Nature Center had its first prairie burn in at least two years, maybe three. A few days before, when I (Lan Shen) saw the email announcing the possibility of a burn, I immediately replied that I will be there. Check out the video of the head fire that day and see why:

Armand Bayou Nature Center (ABNC) trains volunteers like me for their burns in their annual first Saturday in December Burn Class. After that the volunteer is on the prescribed burn email list and when conditions are right, an email will be received shortly before a burn is planned (mostly on weekdays).

The usual procedure is to gather in the auditorium at around 8:30 a.m. for information about the burn and safety instructions . Then if conditions are right, the group will go to the burn site.  If as in many cases, the wind direction (not over areas with houses) and humidity are not as required, we would wait until they are before proceeding.  That Wednesday, we waited until around 11:30 before conditions were right for the burn.

The procedure is explained in the ABNC prescribed burn video (third link above). It took about two hours to burn the half mile blackline on the down wind side of the field and then only about fifteen to thirty minutes to burn the rest of the field when the burn proceeded on the up wind side of the field, where the first two videos were taken.

Volunteering for the ABNC’s burn team is a wonderful way to satisfy our fascination with fire legally and in a way that helps nature; it is also a wonderful way to spend a winter day in nature with the companionship of like-minded people.



Adventures with a Texas Botanist: Jason Singhurst – Texas Parks and Wildlife

A new youtube video was recently posted by Texas Park & Wildlife Department about TPWD’s Plant Ecologist/Botanist, Jason Singhurst, who is also a Native Prairies Association of Texas Board member. The video was in honor of an award that Jason recently received.


See Jason at Deer Park Prairie and Memorial Park Prairie in Houston and watch NPAT member Katy Emde talk about what a pleasure it is to accompany Jason on one of this botanizing field trips.