Prairie Stampede in Two Days!

Still time to register. From our home page:

HNPAT and the Coastal Prairie Partnership are proud to announce the 2017 Prairie Stampede! We will honor a number of prairie champions from across Texas and coastal Louisiana including Flo Hannah of Houston Audubon.

Join us for a prairie potluck dinner and evening of networking, awards, and celebration of 2017 prairie accomplishments for Greater Houston, Texas, and Louisiana. All prairie enthusiasts, restorationists, and organizations supporting and preserving native prairies in Texas and Louisiana are cordially invited! This is a potluck dinner, so register and bring something tasty!

Click here to register now.

Silent Auction for Handmade Glass Plate by Cheryl Sedivec


Above is one of long-time NPAT supporter Cheryl Sedivec’s handmade glass items that is being placed for silent auction starting immediately. Bidding can be by email to and at the  meeting. The plate will be at the meeting for all to view. Bidding will end at the September 23 meeting.

Latest bids will be posted and updated here:

Starting bid:  $35

Current bid (date):

If this works, we will do the other pieces the same way.  If it does not, please send fundraising ideas to See previous blog for story about these glass pieces.

Thanks Cheryl, for donation of Hand-made Glass Vases and Plates

Thanks Cheryl, for donation of Hand-made Glass Vases and Plates

Why are we doing this?  See blog to be written shortly.