3rd Annual Native Prairie Plant and Milkweed Propagation Workshop

This free workshop, sponsored by HNPAT & Coastal Prairie Partnership (CPP) and taught by HNPAT Plant Grower, Mark Morgenstern, and NPAT Board President, Barbara Willy, will be held on Sunday, March 12th at Brazos Bend State Park. Mark and Barbara will share their secrets for growing healthy and beautiful native prairie plants including native milkweeds. This class includes both indoor class time and outdoor tours to a BBSP pocket prairie, to Mark’s Morningstar Prairie Plants nursery and to the famous Nash Prairie! Thanks to BBSP, park entrance fees will be waived for workshop attendees. Registration is required. More information, flyer, and driving instructions at 2017-plant-propagation-flyer-v3.

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Page 1 of flyer below. Page 2 contains driving instructions.


New Page: Monarchs & Milkweeds in TX & on the Coastal Prairie

ID Milkweed cover

Check out this new page on our website with information all about Monarchs & Milkweeds in Texas and on the Coastal Prairie: https://hnpat.wordpress.com/milkweeds-monarchs/  It is found under the new tab “References & Links”. Click the “References & Links” tab to view other references.

The newest information on milkweeds is this Identification of Milkweeds in Texas compiled by Jason Singhurst, Ben Hutchins, and Walter C. Holmes.

Other links are directed toward how to grow milkweeds from seeds, videos and power points of two talks on monarchs & milkweeds, maps of native milkweeds and where they grow, and more.