Early Fall Seed Collecting Trips – 9/20 to 11/9



Time 9:00 am – ~11:30 am
Dates & Locations:

No experience is necessary.  Collectors are very welcome to take some seeds home to grow or share with friends! Register here.

This fall, by volunteering to collect seeds, you will have opportunities to visit prairies or areas usually only open by appointment. We invite you to register, using the link below.  Please join Lan Shen and enjoy mornings on the prairie, while collecting seeds of native prairie plants for the Coastal Prairie Seed Increase Program and for use in restoration projects, in city pocket prairies, and in the Great Grow Out.

Registration required, so that we may notify you in case of cancellation due to inclement weather. Please click on this link to register

Sat, 4/30: Prairie Wildlife Workshop on the Katy Prairie: Identification and behavior of prairie birds, pollinators, amphibians, and mammals

Below is the upcoming 2016 Prairie Power Series Event. (Here is link for the 2016 Power Series Flyer).


Great opportunity to learn about prairie wildlife from experts and on the wonderful Katy Prairie!​ List of instructors is on second page of Prairie Wildlife Workshop flyer or on our 2016 Prairie Power Series Page.