How to Get HNPAT News and Announcements?

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Starting in November, 2014 HNPAT news will be posted as blogs as they are written on HNPAT’s website on the News/Blogs page .  Anyone subscribing to the website blogs will receive the blogs in their email box as these blogs are posted. To subscribe to the blogs, click the “follow” button on the top of the right-hand sidebar. This methods leads to more current information, but more emails.

A list of links to the blogs can be viewed online at anytime:

About once or twice monthly, HNPAT news emails will be sent via Mail Chimp. These news emails will contain a synopsis of the blog items with links to the original blogTo subscribe to the news emails, go to You may unsubscribe at anytime with the link at the bottom of each email. This methods leads to less current information, but also less emails.

A list of links to the news emails can also be viewed online at anytime:



November 21:   Thanks, Ian Kress & more; Sat, 11/22 DPP workday & bird survey; photos – DPP Herbicide & Eagle Scout proj; 2015 Preview…