Update on City Nature Challenge 2020

An update on City Nature Challenge (CNC) from Jaime Gonzalez is posted below.


  • CNC will still be on, but NOT as a contest: observations being made and shared April 24 – 27; observations being uploaded and identified April 28 – May 3
  • People are encouraged to take photos of nature in keeping with local public health guidelines. For example, find nature in the backyard.
  • Virtual events, trainings, and lectures are on April 11, 15, 22. Details given below
  • See Houston-Galveston City Nature Challenge webpage for more information.

Jaime’s email:

Dear Houston-Galveston City Nature Challenge Team,

Click on photo for full page size.

We all hope that this email finds you well. As you know this is a time of great challenge. It is also a time when many people are rediscovering the nature all around them for mental and physical well being. The organizers of the City Nature Challenge have made the thoughtful decision to move forward with this year’s event from April 24-May 3, 2020 but with some important safety modifications to ensure that we, our loved ones, our partners and our colleagues remain safe during this time of Covid-19 (we ask that all participants read and widely share the safety section below).

Changes and Safety for this Year’s Challenge

We can’t say how very excited we are that the Houston-Galveston City Nature Challenge Team is getting back together. As you know, last year our region placed #1 in the USA and #3 globally for species observed during the challenge! Although we are very proud of last year’s effort, this year will look and feel different.

  • We are not calling this a competition this year and will not be seeing leaderboards. This is a time for solidarity with our fellow cities/regions across the planet (yes, even Dallas ). Therefore, we are seeing this as an opportunity to [enjoy] nature and to add to our growing and amazing observations in Texas.
  • We also will highly, highly discourage any public gatherings or bioblitzes this year and highly encourage all participants to consider making observations closer to home (including in your yards or nearby nature) and only with people that you have already made a decision to Stay at Home with, aka you QuaranTeam. For example, I am quarantining with my son, wife, and her parents and those are the only people I will experience the Challenge within person this year. We are pushing the hashtag #backyardchallenge to further encourage participants to rediscover their dwellings as place rich with nature.
  • SAFETY GUIDANCEClick here to find and share very important safety information for experiencing and participating in the Challenge. Texas Parks will issue additional safety language soon and we will send to you as soon as we get it.


Sharing Upcoming Virtual Events, Virtual Trainings, and Virtual Lectures


Contact City Nature Challenge Leadership/Team Members

  • National/International Coordinators – California Academy of Sciences and LA County Museum of Natural History
  • State Coordinator – Dr. Tania Homayoun, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Regional Coordinators
  • Coastal Team Coordinators for Houston-Galveston City Nature Challenge Team
    • Anna Vallery, Houston Audubon
    • Elizabeth Winston-Jones, Lone Star Alliance
    • Sasha Francis, Galveston Bay Foundation
  • River Team Coordinator for Houston-Galveston
    • Bruce Bodson, Lower Brazos River Watch
  • Questions about eBird to iNaturalist Conversions (Attached)

As always, thank you for all you do for the environment and conservation. Please share this information with your networks and if you have any questions, please reach out to me via phone (281) 660-6683 or email.


Jaime González
Houston Healthy Cities
Program Director 



    ​ The Nature Conservancy
Texas Chapter – Houston Office
3801 Kirby Dr., Suite 740
Houston, TX ​77098

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