Monarch Butterfly Conservation Webinars

The USFWS has partnered with the Monarch Joint Venture to develop a series of webinars on monarch biology, monitoring, and conservation: Use this link to register for upcoming webinars or for links to recorded webinars, if you are like me and forget or do not have time to participate in a live webinar.

Webinars to date for 2019:

  • The first webinar of the 2019 Monarch Conservation Series Webinar Title: Western Monarch Population down by 99%: How you can help. Date/Time: Tuesday, February 26th at 2PM ET (1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, 11am Pacific
  • Monarch Butterfly Population Modeling. Date/Time: Tuesday, March 19th at 2PM EDT (1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, 11am Pacific)
  • Monarchs in a Web of Life: Predators, Parasites, and Disease.  Date/Time: Tuesday, March 26th at 2PM EDT (1pm Central, 12pm Mountain, 11am Pacific)

View recorded webinars at . Click the desired video title under the “video screen”


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