Julie d’Ablaing – Prairie Volunteer Award

Congratulations to Julie d’Ablaing, the first recipient of HNPAT’s 2018 Prairie Volunteer Award! Please join us in celebrating Julie’s achievement at the 2018 Prairie Stampede, Wednesday, 11/28/18, at Houston Zoo Brown Education Building (Gate 8, not main gate). Doors open at 6:00 pm.

HNPAT (Houston Chapter of Native Prairies Association of Texas) board voted to present it’s first Greater Houston Prairie Volunteer Award to Julie d’Ablaing for her dedication to conserving, restoring, and learning about and teaching about our local prairies that span various conservation organizations.
HNPAT knows Julie as a volunteer to Deer Park prairie who has collected seeds, sought prairie remnants, and participated in prairie maintenance workday and prairie surveys. She is always eager to learn about our  prairie plants. Many HNPAT members  remember Julie‘s presentation at an HNPAT meeting on how she was able to convince her neighbors in allowing her to install a pocket prairie in their easement and how she organized a boy scout troop to do that. Her wonderful presentation showed the progress of the pocket prairie year by year.
The Houston Audubon Society and HAS volunteers know Julie as a tireless volunteer for their Natives Nursery, as someone who stepped up during Flo Hannah’s illness and helped as a volunteer run the nursery.  Houston Audubon’s Natives Nursery grows ‘Real Deal‘ native prairie plants for gardens and prairie restorations over the Greater Houston area.  Many organizations use these prairie plants to restore and conserve our local prairies.
The Katy Prairie Conservancy knows Julie as a leading volunteer for its field nursery, seed collecting efforts, plant rescues, and other KPC activities involved in conserving and restoring our prairies. Julie is an invaluable advisor and active volunteer who helped maintain, provide plants, and organize invasive removals at the pocket prairies of Westside High School and Frostwood Elementary, two of KPC’s Prairie Builder Schools.
To Texas Master Naturalist, Gulf Coast Chapter’s Plant Propation Program (PPP), Julie was a valuable volunteer whose organization ability while the PPP program was at Hermann Park was much appreciated.
Julie‘s volunteerism, very diverse prairie activities, and tremendous impact on conservation, restoration, and education of our local prairies has earned her HNPAT’s first annual Greater Houston Prairie Volunteer Award.
Please join us in celebrating Julie’s award at the Prairie Stampede.

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