Nine Natives: An Actuality!

One tray of nine natives. Photo by Doris Heard.

Trays of nine natives ready for Bulb Mart. Photo by Doris Heard.










After many years, the Nine Natives Program is an actuality thanks to the Garden Club of Houston! (See our previous blogs on the Nine Natives: A Nine Natives Update to Celebrate National Pollinator Week and 9 Natives.)

At Bulb Mart on Friday, Saturday, October 12-13, Houston gardeners can buy a flat of 9 LOCAL native plants. From Doris Heard, Garden Club of Houston Member: “There are 18 plants [in 4-inch pots] in each flat and two of each species. So far we have put together 50 flats. There is some slight variation in [the] flats. I think they are going to be priced at $35.00 per flat.

These easy to grow native plants can be tucked into the existing garden and will benefit our native and migratory wildlife – the butterflies, birds, bees, and more.


Sally Hilliard, a Garden Club of Houston Member wrote:

[The] Bulb and Plant Mart … is going to be a fun event and has a lot that a native plant person could be interested in.

The Garden Club (GCH) has put a LOT of effort into promoting the 9 Native Initiative. Last year the GCH contributed funding to the video created by the Katie Prairie Conservancy about the 9 Natives Program. Then the Conservation Committee of the GCH has spent the last year growing out seeds of the 9 Natives. It used the Memorial Park greenhouses- members have been going every Friday all summer to tend the seedlings. It has flats of the 9 natives that it  plans on selling at the Bulb and Plant Mart next Friday and Saturday, the 12th and 13th.  In fact, it has dedicated a whole tent to the promotion and selling of the 9 Natives. It also will be handing out literature and showing the video (see above) on a TV screen.

Here is a link to the schedule. Notice that there is going to be a speaker, Susie Marten from the KPC, presenting on the 9 Natives on Friday at noon. Admission to the Bulb and Plant Mart is free so anyone attending can hear her speak.

Another great point is that there are many more native plants being sold at the Bulb and Plant Mart than ever before. There is a GCH chair person in charge of  ordering native plants, and there are many natives in the Tree, Shrub and Vine Booths (and maybe others). There is a conservation tent, too, and last year it had activities for kids, like making seed balls.

One final point is that proceeds benefit many great organizations in Houston including the Hogg Bird Sanctuary. The GCH also has given grant money to conservation organizations (such as the KPC) so the proceeds from the Bulb and Plant Mart support conservation efforts in many ways.


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