It’s Started: City Nature Challenge!!!

Updates & Progress as of noon 4/27/2018

Hey we need to get some posting. See below for link to Worldwide Leaderboard. Houston is nowhere near the top. It’s early yet – let’s up the game!

Also, scroll to bottom for an email update about problem “joining” the City Nature Challenge-Houston project.

Check for progress in Houston

Local leaders :

Instructions & Texas Leaderboard:

Worldwide Leaderboard:

***   Link for CNC Events in Greater Houston   ***

(Note: I took the TPWD master list and isolated the Greater Houston Events, put them in chronological order.).

Silvia Gederberg had problem joining the CNC-houston project and received this email reply (I did the red highlighting):

From: iNaturalist Support <>
Subject: Re: Problem joining City Nature Challenge 2018 Houston project
Date: April 27, 2018 at 11:15:11 AM CDT
Hi Silvia,
City Nature Challenge projects were converted to our new “collection” style projects (described here). One cannot join a collection project, because one cannot manually submit an observation to the project – if the observation fits the project’s parameters it is automatically shown when the project page is loaded. So it removes the extra step of adding your observation to the project. If your observation is made within the boundaries and time frame of the Houston CNC project, it will show up there automatically.
There is a “follow” option for this type of project, which notifies you if the project creates a new journal post.
It is an oversight that there is a “join” button on the app, which we will hopefully fix soon. I apologize for the confusion

On Fri, Apr 27, 2018 at 7:42 AM, SILVIA GEDERBERG wrote:

I just tried to join again on my iPhone app and got this error:
the operation couldn’t complete…

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