The Texas Institute for Coastal Prairie Research and Education!

News from Dr. Steve Pennings, Director of the University of Houston Coastal Center (UHCC), one of the premier coastal prairie remnants in the Texas:

I’m happy to pass on the news that House Bill 2285, which designates the UHCC as “The Texas Institute for Coastal Prairie Research and Education” has passed the Texas legislature and been signed by the governor. Although this bill does not directly generate any new funding, we hope that it will raise the profile and status of the UHCC and help us compete for funding.

Want to see the UH Coastal Center (in La Marque), which is not usually open to visitors? Join Lan Shen and other volunteers to help the Katy Prairie Conservancy collect prairie plant seeds in the wild. We visit and collect seeds at the UH Coastal Center at least once per year, usually in fall. Sign up to receive the seed collecting announcements via email at this link.

An email from Katy Emde of the Native Plant Society of Texas – Houston Chapter said that Evelyn Merz of Sierra Club was also actively involved in getting House Bill 2285 passed and that Katy wrote a letter of support.

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