City Nature Challenge – Final Push & Wrap Up

Latest email from Sarah Flournoy of Houston Audubon, one of the people running the program for greater Houston area, about City Nature Challenge:

Hello City Nature Challenge Participants and Partners!

We all feel very proud that Houston (and Texas overall) has made quite a splash in our first year of the City Nature Challenge. We have a wonderful and growing community of naturalists.

There is one final push to victory, so please help!

All observations within the event period (April 14-18) must be uploaded and all IDs must be made by 11am (Central) on Sat, April 22. *Please upload any remaining observations. *Also, please help us make IDs so that we can engage/inspire iNat participants and so that we can increase our species counts. A lot can happen in the next couple of days as the various cities tie up loose ends. Please share this information and deadline with your communities.

If you haven’t already, check out our progress on the Texas LEADERBOARD here. Also, check out our Houston PROJECT PAGE so that you can explore local species, see top observers, and make IDS.

Thanks for your help in this one final push–and for all your help in the IDs, info sharing, and event coordination. Great first year!


There is still time to upload photos taken between 4/14-18.

Leaderboard nationally:

Leaderboard Texas: TPWD link

Note, Houston is still leading the nation in # species, but Austin is catching up fast 2308 vs 2293 as of 12:18. Please help maintain our lead – see below.

Thanks to Sarah Flournoy  for answers to some of Katy Emde’s questions! Jenn Drummond already sent to GCMN members Sarah’s email. If you did not get that, it is pasted at the bottom.

Q & A about the City Nature Challenge

1   What photos can still be uploaded onto iNaturalist?

Photos you took between April 14 – April 18 and that is time stamped as such.

2    When is the deadline for uploading photos? For identifying the species?

Saturday, April 22, 11 am CDT

3    We are ahead now on species count, but Austin is catching up fast. How can I help?

Go through the photos and help identify the species.

4    Do cultivated species count?

From Sarah: “Cultivated species DO COUNT for the challenge.

5.    How do I know which photos need to be identified:

    Go to Houston Challenge page. Click “observations” in left column. Then on the new page, click “filter” (upper right), click “needs ID” box (left), click “update” (bottom). It will show all observations needing IDs. I think they need two ID’s to confirm.

     Tips for ID:

6    How do I know, what species have been already posted for Houston Project?

Go to Houston Challenge page.  Click “species” in left column. Then on the new page, in the search box, start typing the genus (and species) name. When it shows up, click the box. Then the screen will show how many observations of that genus (and/or species) your project has recorded.

7.    Do I have to show a location for my photo to be aceepted to City Nature Challenge Houston Project?


8.    My camera does not have location (or I turned location off to save battery), what do I do?

City Nature Challenge Houston project will not accept photos without a location, BUT, you can upload a photo and manually add the location. Note: I tried entering Deer Park Prairie, it did not take. So I used google maps to get the lat, long of a point on the prairie and manually entered that for each photo taken there. If you need help to get latitude & longitude off google maps, email

From Jenn Drummond (for email to her, send to & I will forward):

If you’re having any trouble at all with uploading your observations, or if it seems like an insurmountable task because it goes slowly, please let me know; I’m sure I can offer some tips that will speed up the process or get it going for you….I had contemplated suggesting an upload-and-ID pizza party or something, but I don’t think we quite have time to get it together. If that sounds especially good to you, though, drop me a note and maybe some of us can meet up with laptops somewhere.

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