As of 11:04 am: Houston 3332; DFW 4996; Austin 3068 in # of Observations for City Nature Challenge

Top observed species in Greater Houston ~11 am, 4/15/17. See link below to access that page on Scroll to bottom for explanation of event.

Latest on progress on City Nature Challenge at this TPWD link .  See what are the most observed species in greater Houston at this iNaturalist link.

We are way behind in number of observations, but ahead in species: 977 vs 903 vs 926 (greater Houston vs DFW vs Austin).  Please make more observations, people, and keep posting different species.

LOTS of Group activities on Saturday, 4/15! To see all the group activities throughout 4/18, go to following sites:

New event: Sunday, 4/16/17 at Galveston State Park: Morning and afternoon are both options, depending on interest. Please respond ASAP if you’re considering coming. Transportation will be provided unless there are more than three of you. Contact and/or Bob Romero,”  That should help with the species count.

Suggestions for center of city: Nature Discovery Center in Bellaire,  Audubon’s Edith L Moore Sanctuary, walk along the various bayous (please note, the wildflower seedings should probably be categorized as cultivated), Memorial Park, Hermann Park.

iNat Tip #1: If you don’t have lots of data on your plan or a wifi only tablet, first login to your iNat app; then turn off cellular; take photos using the camera or “observe” icon in iNat app; enter desired data on site or do everything at home; after each photo hit “next” (on my phone) and then either “share” or “save”; and then upload at home using wifi (or go to Starbucks, Panera….if you have a slow wifi at home). Try it out in your yard first.

iNat Tip #2: Be sure to turn on your location and allow iNat to access your location. That way, you will automatically get the Lat, Long and don’t have to enter anything manually.

City Nature Challenge – contest between greater Houston, DFW, Austin is explained at


Tons of opportunities are there for EVERYONE to be outside in nature at sometime in the next few days (between April 14-18). Go out on your own or join a group! Take some friends and/or young people with you!

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