Recently, the UP (Urban Prairie) Team was replanting areas of MD Anderson Prairie that had been under tarp and more for about two months for their 75th anniversary celebration. We were amazed at how much vegetation re-grew from roots or seeds since the tarp was removed at end of December.

Plants added were ones rescued before the tarp came down. Some were kept by Ahlene Shong at her home and  some at the COH Memorial ParkGreenhouse by the Gulf Coast Master Naturalists’ (native) Plant Propagation Program, led by Celeste Mead. We also spread prairie plant seeds – some from years past and some residuals from January’s Seed Cleaning and Packing Pizza Party.

Join UP (Urban Prairie) Team and you can join the fun too! (I want to join)

Click on the photo of Jaime and MD Anderson Facilities Manager Alan Wolfe sitting by the garden wagon, to read that caption.


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