Growing Prairie Plants from Seeds: Germination

Sent by Wally Ward, President of Native Plant Society of Texas – Houston, Vice-president of Cactus Society, Board Member of Katy Prairie Conservancy, active in West 11st Park, and retired lawyer:

I have had lots of success growing native wildflower seeds in 200-cell plug trays. I mix a lot of seed with enough soil (1part seed starter mix, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite) to fill the cells; then I water and stand by. When the seedlings are crowded and more mature, I pop each plug out with a chopstick (best are the  plastic ones from Kam’s Chinese Restaurant in the Arts District on Montrose a short distance north of 59 and a couple of blocks south of Richmond). The plugs are rootbound and pop right out for transfer into the garden.


I have also by this point hardened them off outdoors. I let Darwin figure out the plants in each plug that prevail. I can generate a LOT of plants and have provided same to butterfly gardens at Challenger Elementary in Clear Lake and Silverlake Elementary in Pearland, plus into the West 11th St. Garden.


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