Offer @ MD Anderson Prairie: One for yourself & one for KPC


Part of the MD Anderson Prairie (@ Fannin & Holcombe) will be under tarp or tent from mid-September to mid-December for their 75-year celebration. Expectation is that most of the prairie plants will die. Expectation is area will be re-seeded in January.

I am trying to arrange for people who want prairie plants to dig either this Wed morning (9/7, preferably) or Thur morning (9/8). Offer: for every plant you dig and keep, dig one and pot up for Katy Prairie Conservancy/MD Anderson. Keep the KPC plants watered at your house until January, when the pocket prairie is restored. Then give it back to be re-planted.

Most of the plants were originally from seeding (Native American Seeds, perhaps Texas but perhaps not local genotype). Plants available: seaside goldenrod (lots), little bluestem, silver bluestem, gaura, Indian grass (the one here starts blooming in August – before our local ones bloom), switchgrass, Maximilian sunflower, bluebell seedling (note – need to give KCP one bluebell seedling for every one you take home)

I reserve the very few rattlesnake masters, cluster bushmint, and mature bluebells for KPC.

RSVP to Lan.shen, if you want to participate. I will give you details as they are worked out.

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