Fulshear Prairie Rescue – Just in Time!

Spearheaded by the efforts of Gulf Coast Master Naturalist member Julie d’Ablaing, Willow Waterhole prairie restoration gained a huge new milkweed population on Friday, May 13th, when GCMN and Houston Native Prairies Association of Texas volunteers dug over one hundred Zizotes and Green Antelopehorn milkweeds.  The rescue site, the railway right of way next to FM1093 in Fulshear will soon be part of a road expansion project and the volunteers got there just ahead of the heavy equipment.  The milkweeds were replanted in the Willow Waterhole prairie site by Harris County Flood Control representative Steve Benigno and his crew.  Hopefully all can now enjoy the Monarch butterflies as they thrive at this new location with the addition of these milkweeds.

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