How Many Non-Aggies Does It Take To Remove Two Doors on a Refrigerator? – Four

IMG_1266 IMG_1270

Thanks to Rachel Powers of CEC (Citizens’ Environmental Coalition) and a donation via CEC from Exxon, Deer Park Prairie now has a full size refrigerator in the prairie house. Glenn transported the frig from the CEC office in downtown Houston to Deer Park in his truck. Then Brandt Mannchen and David Boyd , both of whom had been removing invasive woody plants in the northern sector of the prairie, came to help. We moved the refrigerator to the front door when a measurement showed that it is a couple of inches too wide for the door. Attempts to remove the door was unsuccessful, so we decided to remove the doors of the refrigerator. Lan, standing on a chair, removed the top two hex bolts. Then David removed the two bottom hex bolts. Finally Glenn removed the middle phillip screws. Meanwhile Brandt was in charge of collecting and keeping track of all pieces. After the refrigerator was moved inside, the process was reversed.

IMG_1274After lunch, Glenn and Lan went to Hermann Park Conservancy to pick up two 4-drawer file cabinets donated by the Conservancy, thanks to Diane Kerr. Late last year, Katy Prairie Conservancy donated a printer/copier that they did not need.

The prairie house is getting in shape.

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