Some August Events

Link below is to a list of August Events that taken to last night’s GCMN meeting. It’s a link to a google doc file:

Note: Please note the 2 seed collection events on Aug 22 & Aug 29 – opportunities to visit prairies normally not open to the public. The list of events are not comprehensive.

To see the blues and reds in the stems of little bluestem and big bluestem, one must brave the Texas heat and possible ticks and chiggers during the growing season of July, August. If you wait until it’s cooler in the fall, the stems will have all turned rust or brown.

News from UH Coastal Center is that the blazing star (Liatris sp.) are starting to bloom and should be in bloom, when we visit in two weeks!


Photos by Carolyn Fannon taken at UH Coastal Center. Left: Big Bluestem; Center: Little Bluestem; Right: UH Coastal Center in July with purple/pink Liatris sp., white rattlesnake master, and the bluestems. (News is that this year, the Liatris are blooming later – good for us!)

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