Environmental Educators’ Exchange Meets on 8/5/15 at Deer Park Prairie


From their email announcement:
The Summer Environmental Educators’ Exchange meeting takes place on:
Wednesday, August 5th, 2015 – 6:30 PM-8:30 PM
Join us as we visit the Deer Park Prairie
1222 E. Purdue Lane, Deer Park, 77536.
Where to Park and Meet:
The Summer Environmental Educator’s Exchange Meeting will be held at the Deer Park Prairie and in the house that sits on the prairie.  We will meet in the house before going on a tour of the property. Please do not park along the curb directly in front of our neighbors’ houses.
Although Deer Park Prairie is in a residential area, on the prairie are possible uneven terrain, biting insects, plants with thorns, etc. Therefore, wear and bring to the prairie: outdoor clothing (closed-toe shoes and long pants), long-sleeve shirt (recommended), hat, water, insect repellent.  One additional warning: there are ticks in the summer at DPP – sometimes quite a bit.  Bug spray and checking for ticks afterwards is highly recommended.
All visitors should bring a printed and signed release waiver: adult release or adult and child release.
Introductory Information
The Lawther – Deer Park Prairie Preserve is an unbelievable piece of living history, a rare remnant of our natural heritage – the coastal prairie – that is essentially the same today as it was thousands of years ago. For thousands of years before the first settlers arrived, most of Harris County was coastal prairie, “a sea of grass” as tall as a man and teeming with wildflowers, grassland birds, and wildlife from the bison to the horned lizard. Today, much less than 1% of that ecosystem still exists. Of the large ecosystems of North America, the coastal prairie has been called “the rarest of the rare” (D. Ladd, TNC); it is so rare that most Houstonians have never seen it. With the preservation of Deer Park Prairie, hopefully that will change.
For more information, please visit their website:
The refreshments are pot-luck….bring something to share with one another. But, don’t let the fact that it is pot-luck deter you from attending….even if you don’t bring something to eat/drink, we want to see you there!
With our developing interests in sustainability, please consider bringing something that fits into one of more of the following categories:
-Fresh and/or Raw
-From Farmer’s market or similar
-Tasty (just as important as sustainable)
Please bring your own reusable cups and/or water bottles.
6:15 PM Please arrive and park at this time
6:30-7:00 PM Networking and Refreshments
7:00-7:45 PM Guided tour of Deer Park Prairie
7:45-8:30 PM EEE Affairs and EEE Roundtable Forum, meeting ends
The last part of the meeting is our traditional EEE Round-table Forum where members and attendees introduce themselves, their programs, make announcements and discuss challenges and successes in environmental education.
8:30-9:15 PM  Optional night hike on the prairie
Other things to consider bringing:
+ A Friend or Colleague
+ Resources to share with the group, i.e. pamphlets, calendars, spare funding to share
Interested in hosting the next EEE meeting?
Contact EEE Vice-President Justin Myers juemyers@yahoo.com
Contact EEE Secretary Edith Smith at smithedith@aol.com
EEE Minutes and Newsletter:
After the next EEE meeting, we will send-out the meeting minutes as well as a compilation of announcements you send us. This email will be sent within a week after the last meeting.
If you have an announcement about your program that you want us to forward to the rest of the EEE membership, send the language to Justin Myers at juemyers@yahoo.com between now and Friday, August 7th.
Lawrence Spence 
Educator: Chemistry, Urban Agriculture
Westside Wolves Rugby Football Club
Westside High School, Houston ISD
EcoTeacho: Environmental Education Programs