Thanks Cheryl for Donation of Beautiful Hand-made Glass

Thanks Cheryl, for donation of her hand-made glass vases and plates to be used as a fundraiser for HNPAT/DPP.

HNPAT would like to thank Chery Sedivec, former NPAT board member, for donating of four beautiful glass pieces (2 plates and 2 vases) that she had hand-made for the silent auction for Prairie Celebration. Since Prairie Celebration was cancelled, Cheryl said to use these pieces for the benefit of HNPAT and/or Deer Park Prairie. Please send suggestions to on possible methods to use these hand-made glass art for a fundraiser.
Items that Barbara Willy, Prairie Celebration organizer, collected for the silent auction will also be used for fundraising for NPAT at a later date – to be announced.
Thank you all who donated for the Prairie Celebration!