A New Season

We have had huge amounts of rainfall in Deer Park over the last several months.  Everything is green and blooming, bugs are happy and it is time to get the cameras out and back in use.  The Lawther-Deer Park Prairie Preserve is the perfect place to break out the camera gear.  While I do use some high dollar equipment, it is not necessary to come away with memorable photos.


Damselfly in Dew

Photography is all about the light.  It can be early morning or it can be late evening, but that choice will have more to do with a successful photo than the gear you use.  The quality of light at those times is exceptional, almost golden as it sweeps across the prairie.  All you have to do is place yourself there at the right time and frame up that beautiful scene.  You can shoot wide or you can choose to shoot up close, allowing that light to fall on your subject and bring it to life.  It is the easiest way to share that beauty with your friends and family.