Kill A Fire Ant – Save A Prairie Chicken

Help save the​ extremely endangered Attwater’s Prairie Chicken, unique to Texas & Louisiana, by donating to kill red imported fire ants. A very worthy cause! ​

For more info or to donate, click the picture for link to the site

For more info and to donate, click the picture for link to the site

Additional facts:

  • The imported red fire ants are non-native and are eating so many of the insects (prairie chicken food) that the baby chicks are starving to death.
  • $15 will buy enough bait to treat 1 acre. Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Preserve ​is 10,000 acres.
  • ​Current information purports no adverse effects for endemic wildlife; current research also indicates eradicating red imported fire ant leads to higher biodiversity.
  • Partners in the effort to save the Attwater’s Prairie Chicken spread throughout the state and include Houston Zoo, Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (near Fort Worth), San Antonio Zoo, Abilene Zoo, Caldwell Zoo (Tyler, Tx)…

See next blog for events of Prairie Chicken Week: April 4 – 12

Events include: Putting for Prairie Chicken Fundraiser at Houston Zoo, Free Tour of Prairie Chicken Breeding Facility at NASA, Free Lecture at Houston Zoo, and Free Booming & Blooming Festival at Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge.