Dennis-isms: Ramblings of a Park Ranger by Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones of Texas Parks & Wildlife Department is an inspiration to park visitors, to children, and especially to Texas Master Naturalists of the Greater Houston Region! Listening to Dennis’ stories, fills the listener with a love of nature, of the prairie, of the history that he talks about. Dennis was the first speaker at my first Master Naturalist class. He spoke about prairies in a talk similar to what is now recorded on video at the Coastal Prairie Partnership website. I (Lan Shen) have been fascinated by prairies ever since that evening.


Jerrel Geisler gave members of the Texas Master Naturalists, Gulf Coast (Harris County) Chapter a wonderful Christmas present at our annual Christmas party this past December. A few years ago, Jerrel asked Dennis for copies of his stories and soon afterwards misplaced it.  Recently, he came across it again when cleaning out some part of his house. Jerrel compiled them and added the clipart. With his permission I am posting the “Ramblings of a Park Ranger (or Dennis-isms)“.

Read, learn, and enjoy these delightful stories by a master interpreter.