Impromptu DPP Workday TOMORROW, Sunday, 1/4/15, ~10pm with Lan & Superwoman Kelly Walker &

Kelly Walker, Deer Park Prairie’s Superwoman, was with Brandt and others on December 30, clearing more of the fenceline (see their comments below). Please join Kelly & Lan for an impromptu Deer Park Prairie workday TOMORROW morning, Sunday, January 4, 2015, starting at ~10 am, 1222 E. Purdue Lane, Deer Park 77536. Kelly is a teacher and will be back at work on Monday.

Wear rubber boots!!! and bring loppers, pruners, saws, etc.

Brandt, who organizes the December 30th workday, wrote:

Today David Boyd, Lilibeth Andre, Kelly Walker and I went to Deer Park Prairie and cut woody plants along the west fence-line. David, Lilibeth, and I worked for 3 hours apiece (9 total hours). Kelly worked for three plus hours (you should contact her to find out so you can get the total number of hours). We cut about 40-50 feet along the fence-line. We made several more large piles (it almost seems like one long pile) of cut vegetation. One of the neighbors came out and talked to us. He told us that coyotes are in the prairie and that in the early 1980’s there were quail in the prairie. He said he was glad we were cutting the vines and vegetation along the fence-line.

Many thanks to all of you!!!

Superwoman Kelly, who sent the photo below, wrote:

I worked until dark and almost finished clearing the next fence down!

I worked 9:15- 6:00 w/o lunch and got a lot done! If the weather was better I’d go back. Maybe this weekend if it is ok.

Photos & updates on other November, December workdays will be posted shortly.