Workdays Dealing with Chinese Tallow at Deer Park Prairie

*** Next regular DPP workday is this Saturday, October 22; 9 a.m. – noon; at Deer Park Prairie; 1222 E. Purdue Lane.  ***

Starting in July, Ian Kress has been coming to Deer Park Prairie (DPP) for Chinese tallow removal workdays, whenever his work brings him back home to Houston. On those workdays, he and Glenn Merkord, sometimes his wife Barbara, plus whoever else volunteers would use the chain saw to cut tallow trees and then herbicide the stumps. During Ian’s most recent trip back, he and Glenn were out there two days – October 22 & 27. Thank you Ian and Glenn!

141109 DPP Workday - 3

At the special workday on November 9, 2014, Glenn led a crew of Laura Hodges, Charlie Lundquist, Randy & Judy Thomas, and Lan Shen to spray the woody plants, especially the Chinese tallows, but also Baccharis, etc., that had regrown after the August mowing. The herbicide Chaparral, recommended by Aaron Tjelmeland of Texas Nature Conservancy & Texas City Prairie Preserve, was used. The men donned backpack sprayers and the women sprayed from long hoses attached to  the herbicide reservoir on the ATV.

Some photos of the November 9th workday are below. Higher resolution and additional photos are at this link.

Judy Thomas, House Landscape Chair at DPP, had been bringing her own lawn mower to mow the front and side lawn. During lunch break that day, she learned to drive the riding mower and had a great time. In the afternoon, her son and grandchildren came and enjoyed a walk on the prairie.

That was a fabulous day on the prairie.  Please join our workdays on 2nd Wednesdays & 4th Saturdays.  RSVP to with your cell phone number, in case we need to contact you concerning inclement weather.