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East Texas Field Botanizing: How to Use Publicly Available Data to Aid in Plant Identification and Community Classification

by Andy Newman,
Ecologist and Project Manager at Cox McLain Environmental Consulting in Houston, Texas

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The emphasis of the talk will be an introduction to publicly available information such as geologic maps, soil layers, elevational data, and ecoregions that I utilize before visiting a new area. I will detail how each data layer is incorporated to predict how non-living factors (abiotic) will influence plant distribution and community assemblages. The second half of the talk will focus on an example property, Houston Wilderness Park, and how initial data layers around ground truthed and vegetation communities are classified. At the end of the talk, hopefully attendees have some new ideas to aid them in the identification of local flora and encourage them to explore the unique and varied habitats of Eastern Texas.

Andy Newman is an ecologist and project manager at Cox McLain Environmental Consulting in Houston, Texas. His professional career has been focused on wetland and stream ecology, bird biology, vegetation identification and community classification, and threatened and endangered species. His favorite plant groups are grasses, sedges, and rushes. He prefers hiking and exploring longleaf pine savannas, acidic bogs, post oak savanna, and coastal prairies. Andy also enjoys traveling to new areas such as the Appalachian and Wichita Mountains, Baja California, and the Great Plains.

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